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The $XFLOKIVERSE token is one of the three essential tokens that make the entire XFLOKIVERSE metaverse platform possible. 

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Planets can be obtained through the use of the $XFLOKIVERSE token. 

The planets will be tiered and each one will have its own attributes that directly influence the statistics of your XFLOKI metaverse NFT characters and the items used within. Each individual planet will have a distinct range of environments that are directly reflected by the type of planet you own. The environments will come in variations like that include wind, ice, and fire to name but a few.

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The planets will also have a direct influence on your character, much like in the real world, the environment in which your character is raised will directly affect its stats, attributes, and overall personality.

$XFLOKIVERSE metaverse tokens will also be able to upgrade the planets. Upgrades will allow higher stats and attributes.

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