XFLOKI explained 550px

The $XFLOKI token is the token that started the entire journey for XFLOKIVERSE and because of this, it plays an important role in the entire XFLOKIVERSE ecosystem. The $XFLOKI token is built on the XRP Ledger and is the main coin within the metaverse platform.

In order to participate in the XFLOKIVERSE, you must hold this token. The $XFLOKI token is used to acquire the keys that unlock the chests that contain the wide range of items available. Aside from unlocking the items, using this token you can upgrade the items you already have to increased levels, or add special buffs for special effects.

$XFLOKI will also be used for holding pools, to gain further in-game items, currency, and special attributes

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{1 Quadrillon}
is the total supply of the $XFLOKI token

of the supply has been airdropped

is dedicated to marketing, listings and development

has already been burnt