XFLOKIVERSE is a NFT based, metaverse coin and gaming ecosystem built on the XRP Ledger. The entire XFLOKI digital metaverse is made possible by combining three separate FLOKI coin options - $XFLOKI, $XFLOKIs, and the $XFLOKIVERSE. All three metaverse tokens are separate entities within the metaverse crypto world, with their own pricing and contracts, each providing its own specific purpose for the ecosystem.

For further information on the XFLOKIVERSE, and the upcoming development of the project you can also view our whitepaper and roadmap.


The $XFLOKI coin is the first of the three metaverse tokens to be created and the backbone of the entire XFLOKIVERSE. $XFLOKI acts as the main metaverse coin of the entire digital XFLOKIVERSE.

You will need to actively hold $XFLOKI to fully participate in transactions.


{1 Quadrillon}
is the current total supply of the $XFLOKI token

of the supply has been airdropped

is dedicated to marketing, listings and development

has already been burnt


The XFLOKIs are representative of the digital metaverse’s treasures, the items used within the game, and all other entities that are purchasable within the XFLOKIVERSE world. Treasures are an important aspect of the customization options within the game and help create the unique experiences and one-of-a-kind characters. $XFLOKIs enable players to collect a wide range of variable in-game assets, boosts, and abilities, each one unique and offer complete customization to the cosmetics as well as the strengths and skillsets of the characters.

The $XFLOKIs options include:


The chests will contain all of the individual items that players can collect and are obtainable through accumulating the $XFLOKIs tokens. The chests will vary and come in a wide range of randomized items.


The buildings within the XFLOKIVERSE will be the housing for the XFLOKI characters and will make up the environment of the player’s collectible planets. The buildings can be decorated and furnished with in-game items, allowing players to create their own homes unique to their personal tastes and preferences. The buildings will vary in price, depending on the quality.


By using $XFLOKIs, players can upgrade their houses to different levels and materials to further increase the quality of life for their characters. Buildings and their levels will directly impact the stats of their characters, the higher the building level, the higher the stats increases.


$XFLOKIs will be an integral part of the market and will allow players to trade for in-game items with other players. Items listed in the crypto nft marketplace can be purchased with XFLOKIs.


The total supply of the $XFLOKIs token

of the supply has been airdropped

is dedicated to marketing, listings, and development


The $XFLOKIVERSE metaverse coin is the currency used for the items within the universe that make up the environments and overall digital world-building. This will include the purchasing and upgrading of the different planets but will also enable players to purchase the different eggs. The tokens will also be used within the market, the exchange, and for use when trading with other players.

XFLOKIVERSE pink planet 235pxarrow

Purchasing Planets

The planets will be the worlds that each player can build and live on, and where all buildings, landscapes, and environments are used. This is where each character will live and each planet will provide its own stats and buffs to directly influence the growth and stats of an XFLOKI character.

Upgrading Planets

Each digital planet and the stats or buffs they provide will be completely upgradeable. Each planet will be customizable and offer a variety of enhancements and boosts to items and the characters themselves.

money bag 311pxarrow

Trading within the Marketplace

Just like the other two tokens, the $XFLOKIVERSE token can be used as a currency within the market. $XFLOKIVERSE will be the currency for eggs, landscapes, environments, and different planets.


{100 Billion}
is the total supply of the $XFLOKIVERSE token

of the supply has been airdropped

is dedicated to marketing, listings and development

allocated for burning, marketplace and partnerships


The XFLOKIVERSE digital crypto dashboard is a simple and easy location where you can view all of your XFLOKI tokens and acquire the initial items to be used when the game is released.

The dashboard is an initial step to accommodate the upcoming NFTs and to reward holders with limited edition tiered eggs and XFLOKI, once the XRPL supports this option in the near future.

XFLOKIVERSE tiers tem able
Tier 1
1 Trillion $XFLOKI + 200 $XFLOKIs + 50 Million $XFLOKIVERSE
Tier 2
500 Billion $XFLOKI + 75 $XFLOKIs + 30 Million $XFLOKIVERSE
Tier 3
150 Billion $XFLOKI + 30 $XFLOKIs + 15 Million $XFLOKIVERSE
Tier 4
50 Billion $XFLOKI + 8 $XFLOKIs + 10 Million $XFLOKIVERSE
Tier 5
15 Billion $XFLOKI + 2 $XFLOKIs + 2.5 Million $XFLOKIVERSE


A full breakdown of how to buy floki coin is available on our website. The guide will go through each step and show you how to set up your three trustlines and how to acquire each coin for use within the ecosystem.

Due to the projects development on the XRP Ledger, you will require a XUMM wallet to hold your tokens, this will also be the best place to view your holdings.

Currently, there is no identifier on the Sologenic chart but by using the following calculation, you can easily work out the market cap:

Supply x Token Price x Price of XRP



dragon badge xflokiverse


dragon badge xflokiverse

The XFLOKIVERSE is aimed to be an evolution of different metaverse concepts and will bring together elements from previous iterations of computer-generated universes and gaming environments. The history of the metaverse is decades old but only recently has it grabbed the attention of a mainstream audience. Due to the advancements in technology and the desire for people to expand from the traditional platforms, we have decided to take this project in this direction, using the XRPL as a stepping stone for our creation.

The origin of the metaverse comes from science fiction writer Neal Stephenson. In his 1992 book Snow Crash, he labeled the term metaverse to mean a digital computer-generated based universe. It is generally understood by most to be a shared virtual gaming world that will allow people to gather, play games, socialize and work.

It is also tied to what some people believe to be the next stage of the internet’s existence - the Web3.0. The Web3.0 is planned to be built on the blockchain, and in theory, will decentralize access to information, and remove the control held by the world's biggest tech companies - Once the Web3.0 is built, we want to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Although the concept was thought out by Stephenson in 1992, it was not until the early 2000s that the first versions of the digital metaverse were attempted. Although not incorporating the blockchain, the first popular options for online metaverse ecosystems included the online games projects Second Life and Habbo Hotel. The XFLOKIVERSE will expand on these concepts to take gamefi, lending, memes, metaverse, and blockchain to a new level and a much wider audience.