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The marketplace will incorporate all three floki tokens for trading, as they all have significant utility with the XFLOKIVERSE, and therefore equal value in terms of use. The metaverse NFT world is birthing new marketplaces all the time, so it was crucial to make ours unique - we decided to place it within our metaverse game, where not one, but three tokens can be freely traded through their item counterparts.

This platform will provide more variety on the marketplace for users to obtain the items they are missing or need.

Each planet will have an area for buildings and to explore. Unique styles to that planet. Exploring includes daily quests, feeding XFLOKI, fishing and gathering for crafting and progression towards higher level planets.
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An NFT - non-fungible token - is defined as a unique, non-replicable, asset or piece of data stored on a digital ledger through smart contracts on blockchain technology. Assets can be intangible or tangible, like photos, videos, and other types of digitized files. NFTs go through proof-of-ownership to ensure it cannot be copied, and therefore holds a certificate of authenticity.

NFTs have gained enormous popularity since their inception into cryptocurrencies, providing opportunities for companies to add tangible value to their products, and artists to create digital artworks with individual sales.

There are some NFTs that ask very high prices, as they are usually low in quantity or in numerous stages on marketplaces. Since the team at XFLOKIcoin have built the XFLOKIVERSE within the ever-growing metaverse space, which now has its own NFTs.

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Crypto NFT marketplaces are just as important as the NFTs themselves, they provide the means to trade, buy, and sell newly and limited digital art releases internationally. 

This way, the users of XFLOKI can trade their NFTs, items and tokens within the XRPL when XLS-20D launches.