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Where Can I Buy XFLOKIVERSE Tokens?

XFLOKIVERSE, XFLOKI & XFLOKIs are all on the XRP Ledger and are available to purchase using the XUMM wallet. Details on how to purchase all three tokens can be found on our how to buy page.

What is the XFLOKIVERSE?

The XFLOKIVERSE is a metaverse platform project built on the XRP Ledger. It is comprised and created around 3 separate tokens that each contribute something different to the experience. To learn more about the metaverse tokens and the entire XFLOKIVESE, head on over to our XFLOKIVERSE Explained page.

What is a Trustline?

The XRP Ledger uses an authorized trust lines feature that enables an issuer to limit who can hold its issued tokens, so that unknown XRP Ledger addresses cannot hold those currencies.

What is the XRPL?

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is a fast, secure and decentralized, public blockchain led by a global developer community. This is the chain that the XFLOKIVERSE and its associated tokens are built on.

What Do I Need to Get a Building?

Buildings can be purchased from within the metaverse by using $XFLOKIVERSE tokens.

How Do I Find Out More Information About the Project?

We do have an About Us page, it will be updated regularly and will be where you can find out everything you need to know.

How Do I Check the Price of XFLOKIVERSE Tokens?

The best place to see the current price action for the three XFLOKIVERSE tokens is through the Sologenic DEX:


How Do I Calculate the Current Market Cap?

The Sologenic DEX does not display this information, but you can calculate this by using the following formula:

Supply x Token Price x Price of XRP

How Do I Purchase Chests

Chests are generally obtained through $XFLOKIs tokens.

Where Do I Go to Set the Trustlines for the XFLOKIVERSE Tokens?

To set your Trustlines for the tokens, you can select this XUMM Link.
We also have this link on the homepage.

Where Can I Purchase or Sell My XFLOKI NFT?

You can sell them once Ripple releases XLS-20D the NFT protocol and built-in NFT marketplace on the XRPL.

How Do I Connect to the Dashboard?

You can easily find the digital crypto dashboard on our home page.

Where Can I Find the Telegram Group for XFLOKIVERSE?

Our telegram group and community is growing fast - Come join in on the fun here.