Published/Updated in: January 17, 2022
Written by XFLOKIVERSE Crew
Xflokiverse January 2022 update

This is going to be a long one, and not an easy one to explain.

Simply put, there are foundational changes that need to be made to accommodate the XLS-20 (NFTs for XRP) and to ensure that the future state of the marketplace for all items remains intact for those early holders and believers in our project.

The new NFT protocol that XRP is releasing already provides a decentralized marketplace – you can create/mint NFTs, buy and sell (trade), and accept or reject (barter). This is all exciting news and we look forward to continuing development on this platform.

When we set out to make XFLOKI and subsequently XFLOKIs and XFLOKIVERSE, our vision has always been to hatch eggs, get your own XFLOKI, open chests, gear your XFLOKI, and get a planet to build your XFLOKIVERSE.

This would then evolve into daily tasks, battling, and eventually all the NFTs you have would transition into an actual game (metaverse so to speak). The NFT protocol requires us to change this a bit. We are going to lay down the changes that are coming and would like your feedback. We want a flourishing marketplace/ecosystem for XFLOKI, XFLOKIs and XFLOKIVERSE and the active trading of items to get every single XFLOKI, gear item and planet imaginable. In order for us to do this, we have to make changes.

We need to get the foundational NFT platform upgraded (dashboard) and compatible with XLS-20. We are heavily focused on delivering the NFTs that are currently ON your dashboard. For those that are higher tier, received all the beginning eggs, or those that have the holiday eggs, the community portraits and the holiday gifts - those will all effectively be NFTs. Since they will be NFTs, minted on the XRPL, you will be able to trade it.

What are the changes?

Everything on the dashboard, tied to your wallet, will be an NFT within the first couple weeks of the XLS-20 launch. We will remind you to login and ensure you have the updated dashboard with all your items. The dashboard will then read from your NFT transaction history to display XFLOKIVERSE-specific NFTs.

Eggs will NO LONGER be available going forward.

Randomized eggs will be available on the store/marketplace. You can no longer “obtain” an egg as an NFT. Once you “hatch” or in this case “crack” the egg, you will get the XFLOKI as an NFT. You will be able to “hatch” (mint) from a button that will cost XFLOKI, XFLOKIs or XFLOKIVERSE depending on the day. The XFLOKI itself will have stats tied to it, therefore encouraging you to continue to hatch until you get your perfect stats.

Chests and Keys will NO LONGER be available going forward in its current state.

We will no longer require you to buy a chest and buy a key and then open. In order to have that functionality, you would have to buy the chest, buy the key, burn the chest, burn the key and then receive the item. This is way too tedious and excessive. The solution is to have a set of chests (Wood, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Dragon), with the set price and you will be able to “open” (mint) from a button that will provide you an item from that chest. These will still cost XFLOKIs.

As there are over 1000+ items that you can get from weapons and gear to music and backgrounds, the cost to “mint” will be reasonable.

Can you get duplicates? Yes.

How do you reduce duplicates? Increase your tier with XFLOKI.

We will also be introducing a way to reduce duplicates on the basis of your transactions. More to follow on this.

We are also going to have a way to merge duplicates, however, this is also down the road as it will involve actually “burning” your NFTs and reading the transaction to give you a super or prestige of that item.

Incubators can be minted.

There is a set number of incubators and will not have duplicates. The incubators will cost XFLOKIs. This would effectively reduce the cost to mint XFLOKI.

There will be 8 starting planets.

In order to align with our vision to have a large XFLOKIVERSE, we will be opening up the XFLOKIVERSE and allowing unlimited planets that are procedurally generated with stats so each planet is unique beyond the initial 8. Each planet will cost XFLOKIVERSE.

There will be a set of buildings.

There is a set number of buildings you can have for your entire XFLOKIVERSE that will apply to all planets you mint, however, in the future, you can only declare one planet as your home planet and the buildings will boost that planet.

  • Townhall
  • Bank
  • House
  • Pet Store
  • Incubator Facility
  • Planetarium
  • Launch Pad
  • Profession Hall (Fishing, Mining, Tree Chopping)

Here is a quick chart to explain the costs involved:

Specific Items (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Special)XFLOKI, XFLOKIs, XFLOKIVESE

This transaction costs for all those above will go to the XFLOKIVERSE “pool” that will be used for redistribution to the holders.

Various types of items will be available to holders of XFLOKI, XFLOKIS, and/or XFLOKIVERSE using tokens for minting using the XLS-20 protocol by XRP/Ripple. The tokens used in the minting process will be divided into one of several separate buckets: tokens to be retained, burned, or distributed to holders that have opted-in the pool.

After determining the number of tokens to retain and burn, the remaining amount will be distributed out to holders that have opted-in.

An individual holder will receive a number of tokens equal to a percentage of the tokens held in their wallet vs. the total amount of tokens from all holders that opted-in.  This percentage will be applied to the total amount of tokens to be distributed to holders, which will determine how many tokens the specific holder will receive.

The distribution of the tokens to holders will be determined by the following calculations below.  Note any repeated or redundant equations/conversions are presented for verification purposes, and not all possible equations/conversions may be presented.

The total percentage of tokens to retain, burn, and distribute, which should total to 100%.  Note, the percentage for each bucket can fluctuate accordingly.

PercentageR = Percent of Tokens for Retention

PercentageB = Percent of Tokens for Burn

PercentageH = Percent of Tokens for Holders

100% = PercentageR + PercentageB + PercentageH

Xflokiverse 100% = PercentageR + PercentageB + PercentageH

From the defined percentage of each bucket, we can determine the amount of sale tokens to be divided among each bucket (retention, burn, and holders).

PercentageR = Percent of Tokens for Retention

PercentageB = Percent of Tokens for Burn

PercentageH = Percent of Tokens for Holders

TokenS = Tokens from Sales

TokenR = Tokens for Retention

TokenB = Tokens for Burn

TokenH = Tokens for Holders (from Sales)

TokenR = PercentageR x TokenS

TokenB = PercentageB x TokenS

TokenH = PercentageH x TokenS

TokenS = TokenR + TokenB + TokenH

Xflokiverse tokens from sales

The percentage of tokens to be distributed to each holder that opted-in.  This is determined by the number of tokens held by an opted-in holder divided by the total tokens of all opted-in holders.  The more tokens a holder has in their wallet, the larger percent of tokens they will receive.

HolderT = Total Tokens From Holders

Holder1... ∞ = Total Tokens in a Holder’s Wallet

PercentageH1... H∞ = Percent to Distribute Per Holder

HolderT = Holder1 + Holder2 + … + Holder∞

PercentageH1 = Holder1 ÷ HolderT

PercentageH2 = Holder2 ÷ HolderT


PercentageH∞ = Holder∞ ÷ HolderT

100% = PercentageH1 + PercentageH2 + … + PercentageH∞

The more xflokiverse tokens a holder has in their wallet, the larger percent of tokens they will receive

The total tokens each opted-in holder will receive.  The sum of all tokens given out to each opted-in holder should be equal to the total numbers of tokens to be distributed out to each opted-in holder.

TokenH = Tokens for Holders (from Sales)

TokenH1… H∞ = Tokens to Distribute Per Holder

PercentageH1... H∞ = Percent to Distribute Per Holder

TokenH1 = PercentageH1 x TokenH

TokenH2 = PercentageH2 x TokenH

TokenH∞ = PercentageH∞ x TokenH

TokenH = TokenH1 + TokenH2 + … + TokenH∞

Xflokiverse tokens for holders

The opting in will start shortly after the XLS-20 release from XRP and after we have distributed the initial set of NFTs to our holders.

What about the game?

We are still working on the game powered by the Unreal Engine. Although we discussed that pre-alpha would be available this month, we are putting this on delay until Q2/Q3 with the current news of XLS-20. It is very important for us to focus on everything above before we fully push into the game/metaverse.

In order for us to have a seamless transition from dashboard to NFTs to reading NFT ownership transactions on your wallet, we need to establish a solid foundation on minting and trading NFTs on XRP.

For our most dedicated community members, you will get early access before everyone else. Let us do our work on the NFT updates from XRP.

What’s next?

We are wrapping up our research and testing on XLS-20. The review we have done since the release of the devnet has brought us to write this very long explanation and changes.

We are making updates to the dashboard to transition into reading your NFTs tied to your wallet.

We are making the marketplace/store available in February; however, this might be released sooner. This will have the static items above along with the “mint” function. We are building a video to discuss how this will work going forward and will push this along with our marketing.

Many have asked about exchanges, we have 2 lined up, however, with the market, we seem a bit cautious to put what is required up front. We can review more about this in the next couple months. We have the connections setup, paperwork is ready to go, only a few more things to finalize for us to actively push.

In the meantime, you can easily trade XFLOKI, XFLOKIs, and XFLOKIVERSE on Sologenic, XRdogeDEX, SWFT, and soon XRPLCOINS. The roadmap will be updated according to the latest developments with XLS-20.

We appreciate the patience you have provided us and the team and look forward to the upcoming and exciting changes. NFTs on XRPL will be a game changer and we look forward to you all minting multiple XFLOKI, items, planets, and overall building your XFLOKIVERSE!

The website and roadmap will be updated over the coming days to reflect these changes.

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